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    ***Health Alert***

    A Note from your School Nurse


    As many of you are aware, flu and cold season has arrived. Many of our students have had absences due to a variety of illnesses including flu like symptoms of headache, stomachache, chills, fever, and sore throat.  Influenza (flu) usually has a sudden onset of fever along with other symptoms. Children are more likely to have the nausea, vomiting and diarrhea with the flu than adults. Your child’s physician can make a diagnosis of flu, strep, and/or another viral illness. By following the SPS Health guidelines for school attendance, encouraging good hand washing, hopefully we can minimize the spread of illnesses. We appreciate all the hard work and extra efforts our families and teachers are doing in keeping a healthy environment to come and learn! 


    We are excited when our students want to come to school.  However, illnesses do occur and families must decide whether to keep their child home or to send them to school. SPS illness guidelines for keeping your child at home include:


    Fever:  100 degrees or greater. They may return to school when they have had NO FEVER FOR 24              

      HOURS without fever reducing medication (like Tylenol or Motrin) to lower temperature.


    Vomiting:  May return to school when they have not thrown up for 24 hours and without meds to

                                  prevent throwing up.


    Diarrhea:  May return to school when they have not had any diarrhea for 24 hours and without

          medication to prevent the diarrhea.


    Strep throat:  May return to school after 24 hours of antibiotic therapy AND fever free for 24

                           hours without fever reducing medication.


    Pinkeye:  No crusting or drainage on eyes upon awakening AND a minimum of 24 hours of

                     medication (if prescribed).



    As always, please contact your school nurse at 523-9230 with any concerns or questions.