• Do you have a love for music and would like to learn to play a string instrument? Then the Westport Orchestra Program is the place for you. Even if you didn’t participate in 5th grade strings, we will still take you in 6th grade orchestra. If you are going into 6th grade, then this is your last chance to sign up! Don’t miss out! If you want to sign up, make sure to let Ms. McCoy know.

    The mission of the Westport Orchestra Program is to provide students an activity that instills: pride, teamwork, motivation, leadership, self-esteem, and respect. Each Wildcat member is a key player in the group. We are proud to represent Westport K-8.

    Please like our Facebook Page (Westport Instrumental Music) for more information and updates about the calendar.

    6th grade Syllabus

    7th grade Syllabus

    8th grade Syllabus