• 2016 Best of the Ozarks
    Kickapoo was selected as the 2016 Best of the Ozarks – Public School! 

    5-Star Leadership School

    Kickapoo High School

    School History

    Opened in 1971, the name of Springfield Public Schools' youngest high school is drawn from the history and tradition of the land upon which the school is located. In the early 1800s, this land, known as the Kickapoo Prairie, was inhabited by the Kickapoo Indian tribe with a large village located in the approximate area of the school grounds. The area was the center of an Indian trace running from St. Louis to the Arkansas River -- a trace used by several Native American tribes during their winter hunting trips.

    The school's mascot, the Chief, is derived from the highest designation of the historical Kickapoo people. Even the school colors are tied to the past, with the colors of dark brown and sunburst gold representing the tones of earth and sun -- elements essential to the farming tribe for which the school is named.

    Kickapoo's excellence is nationally recognized. It is the only Springfield Public School to earn the distinction of National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the United States Department of Education, and has achieved this honor twice -- in 1983 and 1998.

    Kickapoo High School has an outstanding and honored history. Its success in academics, activities and athletics has developed into a proud tradition since 1971. Students, teachers, parents and staff honor their past and expect to achieve at the highest levels. The proud traditions at Kickapoo High School continue to set the standard for future generations.