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Staff Honorific First Name Name Title Department Address Bio Phone Fax Email Photo
Harris Kim Harris, Kim A+ Coordinator A+
Dixon Janevra Dixon, Janevra A+ Secretary A+
Hall Cheryl Hall, Cheryl Assistant Principal (A-G) Administration
Harvey James Harvey, James Assistant Principal (H-O) Administration
Helfrecht Leslie Helfrecht, Leslie CSI Administration
House Stephanie House, Stephanie CSI Administration
Phillips Scot Phillips, Scot Assistant Principal/Athletics (P-Z) Administration
Powers Bill Powers, Bill Principal Administration
Blackburn* Joel Blackburn*, Joel Teacher Art
Brown Jake Brown, Jake Teacher Art
Declue Brian Declue, Brian Teacher Art
Loudis Jessica Loudis, Jessica Teacher Art
Wood Rachel Wood, Rachel Teacher Art
Johnson Kyle Johnson, Kyle At-Risk At-Risk
Prude Kelly Prude, Kelly At-Risk At-Risk
Garrison Aaron Garrison, Aaron Teacher Business
Posegate* Cara Posegate*, Cara Teacher Business
Schaumburg Blythe Schaumburg, Blythe Teacher Business
Tepe Logan Tepe, Logan Teacher Business
Howard Royce Howard, Royce Computer Technology Student Services
Rabinowitz Michelle Rabinowitz, Michelle College and Career Access Specialist College and Career Access Specialist
Busboom Mavie Busboom, Mavie Counselor (A-Cr) Counseling
Coleman Teresa Coleman, Teresa School Based Clinician Counseling
Liston Peggy Liston, Peggy Counselors' Secretary Counseling
Lombas Garrett Lombas, Garrett Counselor (Hl-Mc) Counseling
Miller* Lorrie Miller*, Lorrie Counselor (Me-Sa) Counseling
Moran Amy Moran, Amy Counselor (Cu-Hi) Counseling
Wallace Shawn Wallace, Shawn Counselor (Sc-Z) Counseling
Claiborn Cassidy Claiborn, Cassidy ELL ELL
Armstrong* Allison Armstrong*, Allison Teacher English Language Arts
Askew-Alberty Samantha Askew-Alberty, Samantha Teacher English Language Arts
Bilyeu Jody Bilyeu, Jody Teacher English Language Arts
Dean Sydney Dean, Sydney Teacher English Language Arts
Butcher Michael Butcher, Michael Teacher/Theatre Director English Language Arts
Hall Josh Hall, Josh Teacher/Baseball Coach English Language Arts
Jordan-Diemler Makayla Jordan-Diemler, Makayla Teacher English Language Arts
Loudis Kyle Loudis, Kyle Teacher English Language Arts
Mattson Jessica Mattson, Jessica Teacher English Language Arts
Mello John Mello, John Teacher English Language Arts
Orman Leslie Orman, Leslie Teacher English Language Arts
Roberds Christopher Roberds, Christopher Teacher English Language Arts
Ryan John Ryan, John Teacher English Language Arts
Savage Kristen Savage, Kristen Teacher English Language Arts
Sharpsteen Melissa Sharpsteen, Melissa Teacher English Language Arts
Stephens Kathy Stephens, Kathy Teacher English Language Arts
Barron Amy Barron, Amy Teacher FACS
Bodenhamer Bobbie Bodenhamer, Bobbie Teacher FACS
Bones Becky Bones, Becky Teacher FACS
Highfill* Jennifer Highfill*, Jennifer Teacher FACS
Murray Patty Murray, Patty Teacher FACS
Holcomb Kazumi Holcomb, Kazumi Teacher Foreign Language
Karr Jeffrey Karr, Jeffrey Teacher Foreign Language
Nunez Melissa Nunez, Melissa Teacher Foreign Language
Rowden* Melissa Rowden*, Melissa Teacher Foreign Language
Stennett Jessica Stennett, Jessica Teacher Foreign Language
Wyrick Krista Wyrick, Krista Teacher Foreign Language
Daniels Kayla Daniels, Kayla Health/PE Health/PE
Hodge Phil Hodge, Phil Health/PE Health/PE
McHenry Mitch McHenry, Mitch Health/PE/Head Boys Basketball Coach Health/PE
Pendergrass* Jim Pendergrass*, Jim Health/PE Health/PE
Thomas Nate Thomas, Nate Health/PE/Head Football Coach Health/PE
Cannella Betsy Cannella, Betsy Teacher Industrial Technology
Ray Kevin Ray, Kevin Teacher Industrial Technology
Miller Luke Miller, Luke ISS ISS
Riemenschneider Lori Riemenschneider, Lori Director of Kickapoo University Kickapoo University
Dixon Janevra Dixon, Janevra Kickapoo U Secretary Kickapoo University
McDonald Shannon McDonald, Shannon Librarian/Webmaster Library
Netzer Melody Netzer, Melody Librarian Library
Bube Stephanie Bube, Stephanie Teacher Mathematics
Erickson Cynthia Erickson, Cynthia Teacher Mathematics
Evans Tyler Evans, Tyler Teacher Mathematics
Fink Jill Fink, Jill Teacher Mathematics
Goddard Jeremy Goddard, Jeremy Teacher/Head Track Mathematics
Johnson Lisa Johnson, Lisa Teacher Mathematics
Lord* Ashlie Lord*, Ashlie Teacher Mathematics
Matthews David Matthews, David Teacher Mathematics
Neeman Scott Neeman, Scott Teacher Mathematics
Odom Angie Odom, Angie Teacher Mathematics
Woodard Cicely Woodard, Cicely Teacher Mathematics
Zook Sherrie Zook, Sherrie Teacher Mathematics
Cornelius Nate Cornelius, Nate Choir Teacher Music
Honeycutt* Annie Honeycutt*, Annie Orchestra Teacher Music
Payne Jeff Payne, Jeff Instrumental Music Music
Scriven Aaron Scriven, Aaron Instrumental Music Music
Boxberger Rachael Boxberger, Rachael School Resource Officer School Police
Goss Dennis Goss, Dennis School Resource Officer School Police
Adams* Marci Adams*, Marci PLTW Teacher Science
Bernhard Dianna Bernhard, Dianna Teacher Science
Chilcutt Scott Chilcutt, Scott Teacher Science
Drane Justin Drane, Justin Teacher/ Asst. Golf Coach Science
Elley Meghan Elley, Meghan Teacher Science
Hall Santana Hall, Santana Teacher Science
Hostetler Ryan Hostetler, Ryan Teacher Science
Jansen Jami Jansen, Jami PLTW Teacher Science
Lampert Julianne Lampert, Julianne Teacher Science
Parmley Nick Parmley, Nick Teacher Science
Redinger Kim Redinger, Kim Teacher Science
Schanfarber Andrew Schanfarber, Andrew Teacher Science
Wilbur Eric Wilbur, Eric Teacher/Head Tennis Science
Buckley Billy Buckley, Billy Teacher/Head Wrestling Social Studies
Donnelly Jayme Donnelly, Jayme Teacher/Asst. Basketball Social Studies
Howser Jason Howser, Jason Teacher/Head Baseball Social Studies
Jarman Lance Jarman, Lance Teacher/Asst. Softball/Baseball Social Studies
Lofthouse-Maxwell Samantha Lofthouse-Maxwell, Samantha Teacher Social Studies
Maus Derek Maus, Derek Teacher Social Studies
Peterson Dalton Peterson, Dalton Teacher/Asst. Football Social Studies
Turner Chelsea Turner, Chelsea Teacher/Asst. Softball Social Studies
Wells* Jennifer Wells*, Jennifer Teacher/Asst. Volleyball Social Studies
Wilson Kristen Wilson, Kristen Teacher Social Studies
Annino Kyna Annino, Kyna Teacher Special Education
Boston Eric Boston, Eric Teacher Special Education
Constantine* Kristi Constantine*, Kristi Teacher Special Education
Cormack Scarlet Cormack, Scarlet Teacher Special Education
Ezell Alisa Ezell, Alisa Teacher Special Education
Friebe Melanie Friebe, Melanie Teacher Special Education
Simmons Molly Simmons, Molly Teacher Special Education
Spencer Brian Spencer, Brian Teacher Special Education
Sperry Kim Sperry, Kim Speech Therapist Special Education
Spilman Jennifer Spilman, Jennifer Teacher Special Education
Wilken Lanie Wilken, Lanie Teacher Special Education
Williams Taylor Williams, Taylor Teacher Special Education
Bricker Andrea Bricker, Andrea Activities/Athletic Secretary Student Services
Brown Kim Brown, Kim Girls' Attendance Secretary Student Services
Prosser Mandy Prosser, Mandy Nurse Student Services
Danzer Jennifer Danzer, Jennifer Boys' Attendance Secretary Student Services
Davis Karen Davis, Karen Principal's Secretary Student Services
Doshier Angie Doshier, Angie Nurse Student Services
Hendricks Lisa Hendricks, Lisa Asst. Principals' Secretary Student Services
Miller Kathleen Miller, Kathleen Financial Secretary Student Services
Nadherny Jerri Nadherny, Jerri Registrar Student Services
Myrick Kelly Myrick, Kelly Learning Specialist Learning Specialist
Mendoza Alicia Mendoza, Alicia Teacher Intern Teacher Intern
Reeves Taylor Reeves, Taylor Graduation Mentor Graduation Mentor
Dexter Debbie Dexter, Debbie Kitchen Manager Cafeteria
Jones Don Jones, Don Head Custodian - Days Custodial
Pelletier Rob Pelletier, Rob Head Custodian - Nights Custodial