• World Language Club

    Sponsor: Julie West jwest@spsmail.org or 523-9200

    The Parkview World Language Club is for all students who are interested in other languages and cultures. Membership and participation in World Language Club also helps meet the criteria for a Seal of Excellence in Foreign Language. Membership dues are $3 per year (due in August) and members are not required to be in a Foreign Language class. We plan at least one major activity per quarter such as participating in Pillage Night, Spirit Sheets for Homecoming, observing the Mexican holiday of Dia de los Muertos, and our annual trip to Kansas City. The Kansas City opportunities rotate and include the Nelson Art Gallery, the Truman Library and Home, the Arabia Steamboat Museum, a private Tour of the Federal Courthouse with one of the federal judges, the Jazz Museum, the Negro League Baseball Museum, and the World War I Memorial.

    We also try to schedule some foreign film nights. Movies are usually shown in French or Spanish with English subtitles. Our three member Student Advisory Board assists in planning events. Community Outreach projects assist families and/or senior Citizens for Christmas, and volunteer as bell ringers for the Salvation Army, contribute supplies for the Child Advocacy Center, and participate in school beautification projects such as clean-up, landscaping, etc.

    We serve as a support group to any foreign exchange students attending Parkview. In exchange, those students speak at club meetings throughout the year, sharing their experiences and talking about their schools, countries, etc. We do not have a set meeting time because of the after-school commitments of the sponsors. Meetings are announced several days ahead of time on the morning announcements, in class, and on the World Language Club bulletin board right outside room 152.