• The Underground

    Sponsor: Kindra Neal kneal@spsmail.org or 523-9200

    The Underground is a club for any students who love to watch anime, play video games, Roleplay, play training card games, read comic books, or love sci-fi and fantasy. Come with us every Friday in Ms. Neal’s room in 162A for movies and gaming! The club focuses mainly on anime and video games. Every meeting we typically have a Movie or TV show playing on the front screen, and then two TV’s in the back with two consoles and multiplayer video games. We play a multitude of video games on WII, PS3, and Xbox 360, including Shooters, Fighting, Music, & RPGs. We also host tournaments for many video games where you can win prizes! The front screen of the room is where we watch our shows/movies. Typically we watch Japanese anime cartoons. Usually we watch about two or three series a year, depending on the length. We also have Movie Meetings where we watch many different kinds of movies, including anime movies, but also science fiction, fantasy, comic-book adaptations, and British comedies.

    For those who love collectible card games (such as Yu-Gi-Oh! Or Magic: The Gathering), we always have desks available for those who want to play, and we sometimes have the option of table-top role playing. So come to The Underground every Friday and meet new friends who share your interests! Geeks Unite!!