• Cross Country (Boys and Girls)
    Head Coach: Dan Hay
    Question: In what sport do spectators get to run or move around to yell positive comments to you instead of sitting on hard bleachers? What sport promotes healthful exercise habits for life and helps you prepare for other sports in which you participate?
    Answer: CROSS COUNTRY!
    The benefits are worthwhile and the experience is demanding and very rewarding. It’s a sport in which a person that is patient, persistent and committed will see great improvements. Whether you have run a lot or none you can succeed. Whether you finish first or last you can improve your time or place or workout patterns and feel good about your accomplishments. Parents are very supportive. The “Cross” Booster Club cooks burgers, works concessions and do other fund raisers to help obtain money for things such as t-shirts, theme park tickets, Powerade at all the meets and athlete awards at the banquet.