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  • “Kickapoo U empowers students to explore Police Academy & engineering firm;
    More than 500 students evaluating options while in high school”  

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    Contact information:
    Dr. Lynn Coffey at
    Kickapoo High School 417-523-8555


     Kickapoo U is a choice program designed to ensure that students are prepared for a relevant and rigorous college and career experience.


    • Guides students in relevant and rigorous course work.
    • Creates a highly focused college and career program.
    • Actively engages students all four years of their high school experience.
    • Encourages students to take advantage of cost savings through dual credit college classes.


    • Complete the application process. (application and two teacher recommendations).
    • 8th and 9th graders must meet the entrance standards for Kickapoo U.
    • Declare a major or pathway of choice.
    • Incorporate volunteerism as part of their career path.
    • Experience an Internship course as an integral part of their high school experience.
    • Use a real life “capstone” project as a corner- stone for relevant and rigorous course work.


    During their 8th grade year, students will begin the application process for Kickapoo U. During their 9th and 10th grade years, students will continue to maintain and work towards the Kickapoo U standards.

    Benefits of Kickapoo U

    • Time Management/Professional Skills
    • Job shadowing
    • Volunteerism
    • Career Cluster of choice
    • Networking with professionals
    • College Dual Enrollment
    • Cost savings
    • Flexible schedules
    • Internships
    • Senior Capstone