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Staff Honorific First Name Name Title Department Address Bio Phone Fax Email Photo
Strohm Sara Strohm, Sara Principal Office 417-523-6395 Call the office for her email address
Young Dawn Young, Dawn Assistant Principal Office 417-523-6395 Call the office for her email address
Shipp Naida Shipp, Naida Principals Secretary Office 417-523-6300 417-523-6395
Cloyd Melissa Cloyd, Melissa Attendance Secretary Office 417-523-6303 417-523-6395
Stokes Jamie Stokes, Jamie Counselor L-Z Office
Bullard Doug Bullard, Doug CSI Office Here Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Stone Keshia Stone, Keshia Nurse Office
Holden Ali Holden, Ali Cafeteria Manager Support Staff
Schlottman Doug Schlottman, Doug Caring communities partner Support Staff
Cook Cindy Cook, Cindy Custodian Support Staff
Ames Carolyn Ames, Carolyn Process Coordinator Support Staff
Bell LeeAnna Bell, LeeAnna Counselor A-K Office
Mooneyham Barbie Mooneyham, Barbie Title Coach Support Staff
Stanfield Corinna Stanfield, Corinna Speech therapist Support Staff
Ritchey Chrissy Ritchey, Chrissy Attendance advisor Support Staff
O'Donnell Anje O'Donnell, Anje School/Community Liaison Support Staff
Anderson Rob Anderson, Rob 8th Grade Science Teacher
Baczek Ashley Baczek, Ashley 8th Grade math Teacher
Boehmer Monica Boehmer, Monica 8th Grade Science Teacher
Brown Jaclyn Brown, Jaclyn 7th Grade English Teacher
Buff Emily Buff, Emily 6th Grade English Teacher
Chandler Jennifer Chandler, Jennifer 6th Grade English Teacher
Clark Brandy Clark, Brandy 7th Grade Math Teacher
Clark Cody Clark, Cody 6th Grade Science Teacher
Clinkenbeard Dylan Clinkenbeard, Dylan Outdoor Awareness Teacher
Deloach Stacy Deloach, Stacy 6th Grade Advanced Math Teacher
Dodson Rebecka Dodson, Rebecka Functional Skills Teacher
Eilenstein Marcal Eilenstein, Marcal 7th Grade Science Teacher
Ellis Courtney Ellis, Courtney Cross Category-Special Education Teacher
Gibson Robert Gibson, Robert Choir Teacher
Hatcher Lacey Hatcher, Lacey 7th Grade Math Teacher
Hernandez Giovanni Hernandez, Giovanni Choir Teacher
Keene Angie Keene, Angie 7th Grade Science Teacher
Lindsey Jeff Lindsey, Jeff PE Teacher
Marmon Brett Marmon, Brett Health Teacher
McCormack Tammy McCormack, Tammy Title Reading Teacher
Michaelis Chloe Michaelis, Chloe Behavioral Support Support Staff
Miller Lindsey Miller, Lindsey 6th Grade English Teacher
Pellegrino Emily Pellegrino, Emily 7th Grade English Teacher
Pyle Nina Pyle, Nina Title Reading Teacher
Ratcliff Lester Ratcliff, Lester 6th Grade History Teacher
Ty Phillips Ty, Phillips 8th Grade Math Teacher
Ross Erin Ross, Erin Orchestra 8:00-11:30 Teacher
Royce Maggie Royce, Maggie 7th Grade Advanced English Teacher
Saylor Shawn Saylor, Shawn 7th Grade Advanced Math Teacher
Shoge Will Shoge, Will Cross Category-Special Education Teacher
Short Cameron Short, Cameron 8th Grade Critical Thinking Teacher
Talley Darius Talley, Darius ISS Teacher
Taylor Deborah Taylor, Deborah Cross Category-Special Education Teacher
Teal Jennifer Teal, Jennifer 8th Grade English Teacher
Vernatti Kayla Vernatti, Kayla Family and Consumer Science Teacher
Viele Jake Viele, Jake 8th Grade Social Studes Teacher
Wright Sara Wright, Sara PE Teacher

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