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Staff Honorific First Name Name Title Department Address Bio Phone Fax Email Photo
Bollinger Marilyn Bollinger, Marilyn Head Cook
Boyd Tyler Boyd, Tyler 3rd Grade Teacher
Bullard Doug Bullard, Doug CSI
Carroll Chrissa Carroll, Chrissa Instructional Technologist
Collier Heather Collier, Heather Physical Education Teacher
Cox Robin Cox, Robin Principal/Financial Secretary
Crews Garra Crews, Garra Counselor
Davis Officer Davis, Officer School Police Officer
Diers Ashlee Diers, Ashlee Kindergarten & 1st Grade Teacher
Dietrich Brad Dietrich, Brad Special Services Teacher
Dishman Kassie Dishman, Kassie Special Services Teacher
Doke Brandon Doke, Brandon Physical Education Teacher
Dwyer Barbara Dwyer, Barbara Communication Arts Teacher
Eagon Kaitlyn Eagon, Kaitlyn 5th Grade Teacher
Epperly Jennifer Epperly, Jennifer 1st Grade Teacher
Chadwell Melissa Chadwell, Melissa Head Custodian
George Aubra George, Aubra Art Teacher
Gibbs Deanna Gibbs, Deanna Art Teacher
Gott Justine Gott, Justine Records Secretary
Gowers Billy Gowers, Billy Vocal Music Teacher
Green Gina Green, Gina 6th Grade Math Teacher
Groves Josh Groves, Josh Principal
Hufft Jerica Hufft, Jerica 7th Grade Science Teacher
Hyde Rachael Hyde, Rachael Health/Intervention Teacher
Ince Sherry Ince, Sherry 8th Grade Science Teacher
Irvine Bailey Irvine, Bailey 4th and 5th Grade Teacher
Johannsen Stacy Johannsen, Stacy Counselor
King Anna King, Anna 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Kniffin Barbara Kniffin, Barbara Vocal Music Teacher
Knight Angela Knight, Angela Librarian
Litchy Amanda Litchy, Amanda Attendance Secretary
Miner Evonne Miner, Evonne Special Services Teacher
Morris Tara Morris, Tara Grade 2 Teacher
Mott Michael Mott, Michael 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Newman Brittany Newman, Brittany Paraprofessional
Patton Dana Patton, Dana Kindergarten Teacher
Peak Rachelle Peak, Rachelle Librarian
Penprase Jacquelyn Penprase, Jacquelyn Paraprofessional
Randall Ruth Randall, Ruth 4th Grade Teacher
Roache Dr. Roberta Roache, Roberta Special Services Teacher
Robinson Jasmine Robinson, Jasmine 7th Grade Math Teacher
Schaffitzel Terri Schaffitzel, Terri 2nd Grade Teacher
Seager Angela Seager, Angela 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Skelton Mary Skelton, Mary 6th Grade Communication Arts Teacher
Stanfield Corrina Stanfield, Corrina Speech Language Pathologist
Starkey Laura Starkey, Laura Orchestra Teacher
Stephenson Sarah Stephenson, Sarah 7th Grade Communication Arts Teacher
Thomas Nick Thomas, Nick Assistant Principal
Thompson April Thompson, April 6th Grade Science Teacher
Tipton Allyson Tipton, Allyson Instrumental Music Teacher
Turner Gary Turner, Gary Physical Education Teacher
Vassilaros Alex Vassilaros, Alex ISS Teacher
Vassilaros John Vassilaros, John 8th Grade Math Teacher
Winans Melissa Winans, Melissa Paraprofessional
Waters Cindy Waters, Cindy Nurse
Wielfaert Rebecca Wielfaert, Rebecca 2nd and 3rd Grade Teacher
Wheeler Malorie Wheeler, Malorie Library Clerical
White Edie White, Edie Spanish Teacher
Yount Darren Yount, Darren Paraprofessional

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