• Kickapoo Tipline: text 268-7988

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     The Kickapoo Tipline is open and available to receive information regarding suspicious activity on campus. If students have seen or heard a transaction involving an illegal substance, if they believe a classmate is under the influence, if they are aware of a potential violent situation on campus, they can now text School Police at 268-7988 with that information. 

    All information will remain confidential. Kickapoo rules regarding use of cell phones remain the same -- so please, do not text during class time or they will be subject to a discipline referral. 

    Kickapoo Tipline: text 268-7988

    You can also visit the Missouri School Violence Hotline Websitefor more tips and phone numbers on how to avoid violence at school!

    YOU Can Make a Difference

    Keep Kickapoo Safe

    -Have you heard there’s going to be a fight at school?
    -Is someone being harassed or bullied?

    Keep Kickapoo Drug/Alcohol Free

    -Did you see a drug transaction take place?
    -Is someone under the influence of drugs/alcohol at school?
    -Is someone under the influence of drugs/alcohol at an activity?

    Text School Police

    All information remains confidential

    School rules regarding cell phone use remains the same – if you text during class, you will be subject to referral to cell phone use!