Transferring to Field

  • Q: If I live outside the Field attendance area, how do I enroll my child in the program?

    A: There is a transfer request form available from any Springfield Public School.


    Q: Can I use the address of a grandparent, relative, or babysitter that lives within the Field boundaries?

    A: The address used for enrollment must be the address where the child sleeps at night.


    Q: When will I find out about acceptance into the program?

    A:Decisions are made within two weeks following the first day of school. The delay in determination is due to us needing to ensure we have the room for students living within our attendance boundaries.  If enrollment numbers indicated a grade level is closed decisions will be made sooner. You will be notified by phone or E-mail.


    Q:Do I wait to enroll my child?

    A: You should enroll your child in his/her home school. Do not wait to find out if your transfer is accepted.


    Q:Am I guaranteed continuation in the program K-5th grade?

    A: The district transfer policy does not allow us to guarantee enrollment through 5th grade. However, every attempt is made to keep classes at a reasonable level to accommodate transfers into the school.

    Please note if you move out of the Springfield Public Schools' attendance area you will not be allowed to stay due to state regulations. You will have to attend a school within the district you are living.


    Q: Are siblings guaranteed acceptance into the program?

    A: Siblings are placed on a waiting list at the time the oldest child is enrolled. The district transfer policy does not allow us to make guarantees, but every accommodation is made to accept siblings into the school.