• Inquiry is an approach to teaching that includes the current understanding of the learner, what they want to learn, and multiple ways of showing what they know. As a school we are committed to a constructivist approach to education. At Fremont Elementary our students approach learning in new ways. We learn the inquiry process through exploring new questions with hands-on activities. 

    Some of the questions we learn to ask are:

    Form: What is it like?

    Function: How does it work?

    Causation: Why is it the way it is?

    Change: How is it changing?

    Connection: How is it connected to other things?

    Perspective: What are the points of view?

    Responsibility: what is our responsibility?

    By using these questions as a lens we can examine multiple aspects of a concept. Asking smart questions becomes more important that knowing all of the answers!

  • Inquiry Concepts

  • Inquiry Patterns