• Our school is dedicated to nurturing the whole child as a learner. We developed our own set of character words based on our mascot, the Falcon.


    Focused- I am an inquirer who is committed to finishing what I start.

    Appreciative- I recognize the efforts of others by showing gratitude and giving thanks.

    Leader- My words and actions direct others towards success.

    Caring- I show empathy and compassion while acknowledging others.

    Open-Minded- I am approachable and flexible with other ideas and perspectives.

    Noble- I am determined to always be an example of integrity.


  • We also area PBIS school which means we focus on Positive Behavior Intervention and Support. 

    We describe our expectations around five words: Polite, Respectful, In control, Dependable, and Effort - PRIDE!

    Every area of our school has examples of how to show PRIDE.


  •  Falcon Traits


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