Other Staff

Mrs. Andrea Elliott
Speech Language Pathologist
My name is Andrea Elliott. I am the Speech-Language Pathologist at Cowden Elementary. I graduated with my Bachelors degree in 2007 and my Masters in 2009 from Missouri State University. I have lived in Springfield my entire life and am a product of Springfield Public Schools!! I am beginning my 10th year with SPS and have had the pleasure of working at Cowden all of my time in the district.
Mrs. Marilyn Sweet
Occupational Therapist
Mr. David Greer
Reading Interventionist
I started my teaching career in Marionville in 2000 and joined the Springfield school district in 2012. During those years I taught several years in each grade 2nd through 5th. In 2016 I left the regular classroom setting to become a Reading Interventionist here at Cowden. Best decision I’ve ever made.This is such a great school and a wonderful staff.
Mrs. Lynn Schick
English Language Learners
My name is Lynn Schick. As a child, I was introduced to people from all over the world, which led to a lifetime love of languages and cultures. I am eager to use that experience to help my students at Holland and Cowden learn English and navigate American culture. In my free time, I read dictionaries for fun, knit challenging patterns, sew some of my clothes, bake, and spend time with my family, but not always in that order.
Mrs. Haylee Baxter
Wonder Years Paraprofessional
Hi! I’m Haylee Baxter. I’m married to Chuck, and we have Kaden (14 years) and Jennee (3 years), plus two Beagles. We love to go to caar shows with our ‘83 and ‘86 Camaros. I love to DIY, garden, hunt, fish, camp, and hike. The Smokey Mountains is my Happy Place!
Mrs. Priya Deshphande
Special Education Paraprofessional
Mr. Greg Miller
Ms. Lisa Rice
Nutrition Services
Ms. Teri Greene
Cafeteria Staff
Ms. Joan Goodwin
Cafeteria Staff
Ms. Stacey Holle
Cafeteria Staff
Mrs. Jennifer Adamson
Special Education Paraprofessional
Ms. Nicole Hedrick
Special Education Paraprofessional
Mr. Anthony Drmac
Special Education Paraprofessional
Ms. Kamesha Jones
Special Education Paraprofessional
Mr. Rob Pelletier

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