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Staff Honorific First Name Name Title Department Address Bio Phone Fax Email Photo
Archer Ashley Archer, Ashley Teacher Fourth Grade
Roesener Holly Roesener, Holly K/1 Reading Specialist Specialists
Brink Laurie Brink, Laurie Library Aide Library
Buis Angie Buis, Angie Librarian Library
Hudson Annette Hudson, Annette ISA Support Staff
Crabtree Emma Crabtree, Emma Teacher First Grade
Effland Tracy Effland, Tracy Secretary Support Staff
Foell Bethany Foell, Bethany Reading Specialist Specialists
Franklin Tracy Franklin, Tracy Speech Language Pathologist Specialists
Funderburgh Kristen Funderburgh, Kristen Teacher Fifth Grade
Gerbrandt Missy Gerbrandt, Missy Wonder Years Paraprofessional Support Staff
Basham Kaitlyn Basham, Kaitlyn Teacher Third Grade
Green Greta Green, Greta Reading Specialist Specialists
Guionnaud Ruth Guionnaud, Ruth Teacher Special Education
Hanks Melisa Hanks, Melisa Nurse Support Staff
Hoemann Erica Hoemann, Erica Teacher First Grade
Heckler Jodi Heckler, Jodi Teacher Third Grade
Clements Janet Clements, Janet Behavior Interventionist Support Staff
Hoskins Lauren Hoskins, Lauren Teacher Fourth Grade
Jennings Alicyn Jennings, Alicyn Teacher Music
Johnson Janice Johnson, Janice Teacher Kindergarten
Jones Kelly Jones, Kelly Teacher Kindergarten
Larson Lorie Larson, Lorie Teacher Second Grade
Lawson Lindsay Lawson, Lindsay Teacher Fourth Grade
Lines Cindy Lines, Cindy Teacher Second Grade
Lytle Barbara Lytle, Barbara Caring Communities Support Staff
McDonald David McDonald, David Teacher P.E.
McFarland Jennifer McFarland, Jennifer Teacher Kindergarten
Prather Carsen Prather, Carsen Teacher Art
Mills Grace Mills, Grace Behavior Interventionist Support Staff
Parrino Kristi Parrino, Kristi Paraprofessional Special Education
Petzoldt Chelsea Petzoldt, Chelsea Teacher Special Education
Pierson Toni Pierson, Toni Teacher Second Grade
Robertson Pam Robertson, Pam Teacher Third Grade
Tripp Rachel Tripp, Rachel Caring Communities Support Staff
Scott Angie Scott, Angie Teacher Fifth Grade
Shatto Adam Shatto, Adam Learning Coach Learning Coaches
Shevchuk Sara Shevchuk, Sara Principal Administration
Crites Tara Crites, Tara Teacher Computers
Manlove Stacye Manlove, Stacye Math Interventionist Specialists
Stotlemeyer Joanna Stotlemeyer, Joanna English Language Learners Specialists
Sykes Hollie Sykes, Hollie Counselor Support Staff
Taylor Jan Taylor, Jan Learning Coach Learning Coaches
Williamson Brandy Williamson, Brandy Assistant to the Principal Administration
Wolf Clint Wolf, Clint Paraprofessional Special Education
Worley Teresa Worley, Teresa Teacher First Grade
Lenhard Mandy Lenhard, Mandy Head Custodian Custodial Staff
Woodiel Paige Woodiel, Paige Teacher Wonder Years

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