Staff Directory

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Staff Honorific First Name Name Title Department Address Bio Phone Fax Email Photo
Slater Kirk Slater, Kirk A: Principal
Ivey Curt Ivey, Curt A: Assistant Principal
Howell Shelly Howell, Shelly B: Assistant to the Principal
Appleberry Shannon Appleberry, Shannon B: Attendance Secretary
Hanks Melisa Hanks, Melisa B: Nurse
Hall Jessica Hall, Jessica B: Counselor-6th/7th (A-K)
Kurtz Lara Kurtz, Lara B: Counselor-8th/7th (L-Z)
Dunn Jessie Dunn, Jessie B: Cafeteria Manager
Martin Shelley Martin, Shelley B: Officer
Kurban Jodi Kurban, Jodi B: Student Attendance Officer
Clair Randy Clair, Randy B: Custodian
Bennett Kendall Bennett, Kendall A: Literacy Coach
Dhondt Melissa Dhondt, Melissa C: 6th Grade Teachers
Drybread Jeff Drybread, Jeff C: 6th Grade Teachers
Overton Abigail Overton, Abigail C: 6th Grade Teachers
Jackson Amber Jackson, Amber C: 6th Grade Teachers
Ratcliff Jeannie Ratcliff, Jeannie D: 7th Grade Teachers
Allen Daren Allen, Daren D: 7th Grade Teachers
Gillham Greg Gillham, Greg D: 7th Grade Teachers
Hughes Lori Hughes, Lori D: 7th Grade Teachers
McBrayer Cecil McBrayer, Cecil D: 7th Grade Teachers
Malone Casey Malone, Casey D: 7th Grade Teachers
Sisneros Chelsea Sisneros, Chelsea D: 7th Grade Teachers
Reznicek Hannah Reznicek, Hannah E: 8th Grade Teachers
Johnson Tim Johnson, Tim E: 8th Grade Teachers
Myrick Charles Myrick, Charles E: 8th Grade Teachers
Oliver Austin Oliver, Austin E: 8th Grade Teachers
Eddington Darren Eddington, Darren Related Arts Teachers
Loudis Niki Loudis, Niki Related Arts Teachers
Lux Reagan Lux, Reagan Related Arts Teachers
McDonald Sonya McDonald, Sonya Related Arts Teachers
Woody Robert Woody, Robert Related Arts Teachers
Busch Sadie Busch, Sadie Special Education
Anderson Denise Anderson, Denise Special Education
Spillers Mike Spillers, Mike Special Education: EBS
Duncan Justin Duncan, Justin Special Education: 6th Grade Cross Cat/Sped
Samuel LaNese Samuel, LaNese Special Education
Bogowith Tessa Bogowith, Tessa Special Education
Wiersma Luke Wiersma, Luke Specialty Teachers
Timm Katie Timm, Katie Library Media Specialist
Crosby Theresa Crosby, Theresa Para's & Interpreters
Freeman Sandra Freeman, Sandra Para's & Interpreters
Leach Lori Leach, Lori Para's & Interpreters
Wadley Brittany Wadley, Brittany Para's & Interpreters
West Jessica West, Jessica Para's & Interpreters
Pearl Sarai Pearl, Sarai C: 6th Grade Teachers
Sparks Lauren Sparks, Lauren A: Numeracy Coach
Gaono-Camplejohn Lexi Gaono-Camplejohn, Lexi Special Education
Payne Laura Payne, Laura E: 8th Grade Teachers
Ellis Alicia Ellis, Alicia E: 8th Grade Teachers