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Staff Honorific First Name Name Title Department Address Bio Phone Fax Email Photo
Call Michael Call, Michael Social Studies 8th Grade
Citterio Alexandria Citterio, Alexandria Math 8th Grade 417-523-7213
Wilson Kara Wilson, Kara Science 8th Grade
Chaney Faith Chaney, Faith ELA 8th Grade
Wallace Kelly Wallace, Kelly PLTW Related Arts
Kiser Brittany Kiser, Brittany Math 6th Grade 417-523-7121 Text 417-597-4351
Killian Heather Killian, Heather Math 7th Grade 417-523-7123 Text 417-616-3067
Johnson Julie Johnson, Julie ELA/Reading 8th Grade
Blanchard Bitsy Blanchard, Bitsy Science 7th Grade 417-523-7123
Harvey Eli Harvey, Eli SS 7th Grade 417-523-7124 Text ‪570-565-8077
Bullard Carol Bullard, Carol Reading/ELA 7th Grade
Fowler Ashley Fowler, Ashley Science/SS 7th Grade
Sly Elaine Sly, Elaine Special Education Services Special Education Services 417-523-7115
Julian Dan Julian, Dan PE Related Arts 417-523-7105
Moss Musa Moss, Musa Art Related Arts
Phillips Joanne Phillips, Joanne Vocal Music Related Arts
Curtman David Curtman, David Orchestra Related Arts
Bankhead Belinda Bankhead, Belinda Band Related Arts 417-523-7108
Sparkman Landon Sparkman, Landon OA/Health Related Arts
Hanson Shira Hanson, Shira Kindergarten .Kindergarten
Kleiboeker Abby Kleiboeker, Abby Kindergarten .Kindergarten
Peterson Madison Peterson, Madison 1st grade 1st Grade 417-523-7142
DeGood Heather DeGood, Heather 1st grade 1st Grade 417-523-7144
Henderson Ben Henderson, Ben 1st grade 1st Grade
Stone Samanthia Stone, Samanthia 2nd grade 2nd Grade 417-523-7160
Roach Debbin Roach, Debbin 2nd grade 2nd Grade
Range Elly Range, Elly 3rd grade 3rd Grade
Dipper Julie Dipper, Julie 4th grade 4th Grade 417-523-7148
Emmerton Sara Emmerton, Sara 4th grade 4th Grade 417-523-7153
Popp Brenda Popp, Brenda 5th grade 5th Grade
Harris DeeDee Harris, DeeDee 5th grade 5th Grade 417-523-7154
Doss Lizzie Doss, Lizzie Elementary Special Education Services Special Education Services 417-523-7140
Kelly Linda Kelly, Linda El. Music Related Arts 417-523-7138
Fisher Lorie Fisher, Lorie Elementary Assistant Principal Administration
Ruff-Hensley Sheryl Ruff-Hensley, Sheryl Principal Secretary Front Office
Moore Karla Moore, Karla El. Att. Secretary Front Office
Brown April Brown, April Nurse Nurse 417-523-7131
Cross Brandi Cross, Brandi Nurse Nurse
Groves Brittany Groves, Brittany MS Counselor Counselor 417-523-7130
Franko Emily Franko, Emily Elem. Counselor Counselor 417-523-7162
Frigerio Melissa Frigerio, Melissa Kitchen Manager Front Office
Ash Becky Ash, Becky Principal Administration
Shelton Ashley Shelton, Ashley Math Intervention Specialist Intervention And Support 417-523-7114
Drennan Erin Drennan, Erin Speech Pathologist Intervention And Support
Loudis Brian Loudis, Brian Elementary P.E. Related Arts 417-523-7135
Bryant Scott Bryant, Scott 6th Grade Social Studies 6th Grade
Kittleman Micky Kittleman, Micky Middle School Librarian Related Arts 417-523-7141
Rothgeb Zach Rothgeb, Zach Behavior Interventionalist Intervention And Support 8th Grade Head Football Coach 6-8th Grade Wrestling Coach
Forrester Dr. Janine Forrester, Janine Spanish and Reading 6th Grade 417-523-7118
Taylor Shelly Taylor, Shelly Middle School PE Related Arts 417-523-7123
Chadwick Gary Chadwick, Gary Middle School Counselor Counselor 417-523-7111
Jackson Rod Jackson, Rod ISS Intervention and Support 417-523-7128
Jones Cara Jones, Cara 7th Grade ELA 7th Grade
Kerwin Cathy Kerwin, Cathy Elementary Librarian Related Arts 523-7141
Eadie Hannah Eadie, Hannah 6th Grade ELA 6th Grade 417-523-7124
Cornish Dr. Ashley Cornish, Ashley CSI Intervention and Support 417-523-7161
Roach Debbin Roach, Debbin

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