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Staff Honorific First Name Name Title Department Address Bio Phone Fax Email Photo
Illig Andre Illig, Andre Principal 1 Office 1 Office
Odom Sarah Odom, Sarah Assistant Principal 1 Office 1 Office
Rabinowitz Michele Rabinowitz, Michele Counselor 1 Office 1 Office
Rogers Zach Rogers, Zach Counselor 1 Office 1 Office
Wand Emily Wand, Emily Secretary 1 Office 1 Office
Phillabaum Sandy Phillabaum, Sandy Attendance Secretary 1 Office 1 Office
Van Someren Cynthia Van Someren, Cynthia Nurse 1 Office 1 Office
Wortley Lisa Wortley, Lisa English Language Arts 6th Pathfinders 158
Adkins Karen Adkins, Karen Mathematics 6th Pathfinders 162
Drybread Christy Drybread, Christy Social Studies 6th Pathfinders 159
Heman Brett Heman, Brett Science 6th Pathfinders 171
Butterworth Tammy Butterworth, Tammy English Language Arts/Social Studies 6th Trailblazers 164
Nevels Stephanie Nevels, Stephanie Mathematics/Science 6th Trailblazers 167
Hinkle Carie Hinkle, Carie English Language Arts 7th Ravens 133
Burton Brent Burton, Brent Mathematics 7th Ravens 130
Mooney Laura Mooney, Laura Social Studies 7th Ravens 132
Lindley Tiffany Lindley, Tiffany Science 7th Ravens 115
Sharpsteen Melissa Sharpsteen, Melissa English Language Arts 7th Panthers 119
Weaver Elaina Weaver, Elaina Mathematics 7th Panthers 124
Wilson Kristen Wilson, Kristen Social Studies 7th Panthers 120
Ridder Brandon Ridder, Brandon Science 7th Panthers 108
Snyder Rachel Snyder, Rachel English Language Arts 7th Endeavor 126
Starns Angela Starns, Angela Mathematics 7th Endeavor 127
McLain Kerri McLain, Kerri Social Studies 7th Endeavor 129
Harris Lindsey Harris, Lindsey Science 7th Endeavor 113
Madura Jennifer Madura, Jennifer English Language Arts 8th Waya 186
Stefanowicz Melissa Stefanowicz, Melissa Mathematics/Algebra 8th Waya 183
Cross Jeremy Cross, Jeremy Social Studies 8th Waya 185
Youngblood Keven Youngblood, Keven Science 8th Waya 140
Turner Chelsea Turner, Chelsea English Language Arts/Social Studies 8th Wagoosh 188
Kjorvestad Pete Kjorvestad, Pete Mathematics/Algebra 8th Wagoosh 187
Smith Monica Smith, Monica Science/Social Studies 8th Wagoosh 134
Mansel Angela Mansel, Angela English Language Arts 8th Arrowhead 182
Felton Jennifer Felton, Jennifer Mathematics/Algebra 8th Arrowhead 184
Eggleston Lisa Eggleston, Lisa Social Studies 8th Arrowhead 181
Swanson Carl Swanson, Carl Science 8th Arrowhead 136
Creed Courtney Creed, Courtney Special Education Special Education 105
Englind Jacqui Englind, Jacqui Special Education Special Education 121
Harp Jamie Harp, Jamie Special Education Special Education 160
Roe Brian Roe, Brian Special Education Special Education 123
Spencer Brian Spencer, Brian Special Education Special Education 178
Bengsch Jessica Bengsch, Jessica Library Media Center Library Media Center LIB
Buerger Jamie Buerger, Jamie Art Electives 143
Chillers Dantwan Chillers, Dantwan PE/Health PE 112
Desauguste Emily Desauguste, Emily Spanish/Reading Electives 105
Georgiades Julianna Georgiades, Julianna Orchestra Music 173
Hallford Brandi Hallford, Brandi Choir/Vocal Music Music 174
Heslin Jennifer Heslin, Jennifer Speech and Language Special Education 137
Mostyn Chris Mostyn, Chris Art Electives 170
Moulder Scott Moulder, Scott Project Lead the Way Electives 176
Pendergrass Laura Pendergrass, Laura FACS Electives 180
Plank Kindal Plank, Kindal PE PE 150A
Rios Jeremy Rios, Jeremy PE PE 150
Ross Kevin Ross, Kevin PE PE 150
Scott Tara Scott, Tara PE/Health/Outdoor Awareness PE 157
Thomas Aaron Thomas, Aaron Instrumental Music Music 144
Zinecker Jim Zinecker, Jim Instrumental Music Music 142