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Staff Honorific First Name Name Title Department Address Bio Phone Fax Email Photo
Angel Brad Angel, Brad Physical Education J Related Arts
Angel Olivia Angel, Olivia Social Studies H 8th Grade Team
Asberry Kevin Asberry, Kevin School Counselor A-K B Student Services
Bartels Dr. Corbyn Bartels, Corbyn Coordinator of Site Intervention L Intervention
Beckler Mandy Beckler, Mandy English C 6th Grade Team
Botello-Rodriguez Miriam Botello-Rodriguez, Miriam Spanish & World Languages J Related Arts
Boze Burnetta Boze, Burnetta Custodian B Student Services
Brandon Tiffany Brandon, Tiffany Cafeteria Manager B Student Services
Brashears RoseMarie Brashears, RoseMarie Attendance Secretary B Student Services
Bratten Travis Bratten, Travis Cross Category K Special Education
Brown Joyce Brown, Joyce Choir J Related Arts
Buckner Rosie Buckner, Rosie Math C 6th Grade Team
Cameron John Cameron, John Process Coordinator K Special Education
Cannon Melanie Cannon, Melanie Social Studies D 6th Grade Team
Chambers Shannon Chambers, Shannon Social Studies E 7th Grade Team
Crane Alison Crane, Alison English D 6th Grade Team
Crim Jordan Crim, Jordan Reading G 8th Grade Team
Davis Josh Davis, Josh Focus Interventionist L Intervention
Drew Tessa Drew, Tessa Math D 6th Grade Team
Duffy Rachel Duffy, Rachel English H 8th Grade Team
Dukewits Amy Dukewits, Amy Science E 7th Grade Team
England Luke England, Luke Assistant Principal A Administration
Fleetwood Gabriel Fleetwood, Gabriel Band J Related Arts
Frazier Kyndal Frazier, Kyndal Art J Related Arts
Gollub Amy Gollub, Amy Social Studies G 8th Grade Team
Green Shelly Green, Shelly English F 7th Grade Team
Guinn Kelsey Guinn, Kelsey English E 7th Grade Team
Gutierrez Clarissa Gutierrez, Clarissa Math H 8th Grade Team
Hakman Alison Hakman, Alison School Resource Officer B Student Services
Holder Jessica Holder, Jessica Cross Category K Special Education
Horras Amelia Horras, Amelia Math Lab E 7th Grade Team
House Carla House, Carla Science G 8th Grade Team
Howard Deborah Howard, Deborah Reading C 6th Grade Team
Jatho Jon Jatho, Jon Project Lead the Way J Related Arts
Leeper Rob Leeper, Rob Outdoor Awareness J Related Arts
Manary Leslie Manary, Leslie Social Studies C 6th Grade Team
Marler Ed Marler, Ed ISS L Intervention
McBain Caleb McBain, Caleb Science F 7th Grade Team
McCormick Hikeem McCormick, Hikeem Health J Related Arts
McGuane Colleen McGuane, Colleen Librarian B Student Services
Mertens Marty Mertens, Marty Math F 7th Grade Team
Miller Kaila Miller, Kaila Physical Education J Related Arts
Otradovec Dr. Shannon Otradovec, Shannon Assistant Principal A Administration
Powers Dr. Dana Powers, Dana Principal A Administration
Ramlow Cady Ramlow, Cady Science H 8th Grade Team
Ramsey Allison Ramsey, Allison Functional Skills K Special Education
Rife Eric Rife, Eric Cross Category K Special Education
Russell Maida Russell, Maida Math G 8th Grade Team
Sanchez Ricardo Sanchez, Ricardo Science D 6th Grade Team
Sanders Trevor Sanders, Trevor Science C 6th Grade Team
Sell Heather Sell, Heather Impact L Intervention
Speake David Speake, David Cross Category K Special Education
Stoaks Linda Stoaks, Linda Reading E 7th Grade Team
Stout Shelley Stout, Shelley Nurse B Student Services
Tucker Stephanie Tucker, Stephanie Social Studies F 7th Grade Team
Underwood Alyssa Underwood, Alyssa Orchestra J Related Arts
Underwood Ashley Underwood, Ashley English G 8th Grade Team
Walker Kaylea Walker, Kaylea Lead Secretary B Student Services
Woodall Amanda Woodall, Amanda School Counselor L-Z B Student Services