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Routh Julie Routh, Julie Principal ..Administration Sherwood Elementary 417-523-3800
Wortley Lisa Wortley, Lisa Administrative Assistant .Administration Sherwood Elementary My name is Lisa Wortley and I am originally from Wisconsin (Go Packers!), but I have lived in the area for many years. My husband, daughter, dog and I live in Nixa. I love being in the water during the summer and in the snow in the winter. After last year, I retired from teaching at Cherokee, but it seems that I just can't get enough of school. Everyone has been nice and welcoming here at Sherwood! 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/802/Wortley.jpeg
Loughary Brianne Loughary, Brianne Administrative Assistant .Administration Sherwood Elementary I'm Brianne Loughary and I'm the administrative assistant at Sherwood. I'm married and have two children, Benjamin and Allison. I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, being outside, and reading. I'm a Sherwood parent in addition to being a part of the staff. I love being a part of the Sherwood community! 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/802/Bri.jpg
Logan Abby Logan, Abby School Nurse .Administration Sherwood Elementary I started my nursing career way back when as an LPN. I had started my medical career previously as a PCA for several years on the Orthopedic floor and the ortho hospital. Once I received my LPN I started work at the Mercy Rehabilitation hospital and then also picked up work through phoenix home healthcare where I started taking care of Pediatric patients. From there I bridged over at SBU and received my RN license. Once my RN License was obtained I took a position at Mercy on the Pediatric unit! 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/802/Abby.jpg
Mason Hugh Mason, Hugh Interim Community Liaison .Administration Sherwood Elementary 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/802/Mason.jpg
Maggard Mackenzie Maggard, Mackenzie Teacher .Kindergarten Sherwood Elementary I am so excited to be a part of the Sherwood family! I teach because I want to play a part in the lives of the future generations. In teaching an early grade, I get to help shape their view of education and learning and impart the passion that I hold for education to them. I am originally from Lee's Summit, MO. I moved to Springfield in 2014 to attend Missouri State University, where I graduated in 2018 with a degree in Early Childhood Education. 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/802/Maggard.jpg
Vincent Amber Vincent, Amber Teacher .Kindergarten Sherwood Elementary Hello, my name is Amber Vincent. I just moved to Springfield with my husband, daughter, and our two dogs from Nampa, Idaho. As much as I loved living in the west, I grew up in Pennsylvania and other East Coast states and am happy to be closer. After teaching fourth grade for two years, then preschool, and kindergarten, I realized how much I love the younger grades. I am excited to be teaching Kindergarten again this year! When I am not teaching I enjoy spending time with my family. 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/802/vincent.jpg
McHaffie Tamra McHaffie, Tamra Teacher .Kindergarten Sherwood Elementary I have taught for over 20 years. My husband and I have two children. Kyle is 19 and Summer is 16. I graduated from SBU with my bachelor degree and MSU with a master’s degree. I love teaching-children are my passion! Being able to watch the growth and development that occurs through the year is such a privilege! Mrs. Vorse and I taught together for 16 years at Campbell Elementary. At Sherwood, we have the chance to teach in the same classroom! 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/40/kyle_sbday.jpg
Vorse Kimberly Vorse, Kimberly Teacher .kindergarten Sherwood Elementary My name is Kimberly Vorse. I have taught kindergarten for twenty-one years. I graduated from MSU with my bachelor degree in 1998. I completed my masters in reading in 2003. I taught at Campbell Elementary for seventeen years before coming to Sherwood Elementary School in 2015. Mrs. McHaffie and I have taught together for twenty years. I love teaching! I believe that kindergarten is the foundation for lifelong learning. I am married to my husband, Sean, and have two boys, Matthew and Bradley. 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/802/Vorse.jpg
Cook Scott Cook, Scott Teacher 1st Sherwood Elementary 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/802/Cook.jpg
Smith Sienna Smith, Sienna Teacher 1st Sherwood Elementary 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/802/Smith.png
Marshall Laquisha Marshall, Laquisha Teacher 1st Sherwood Elementary I received a B.S. in elementary education from Charleston Southern University in Charleston South Carolina. I taught 2nd grade in South Carolina for a year before making the decision to relocate back here to my hometown of Springfield, Missouri. I have 3 children. I enjoy singing, spending time with family, and listening to music. 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/40/Marshall.jpg
Garland Jodi Garland, Jodi Teacher 1st Sherwood Elementary I was initially inspired to teach through the influences of my former teachers. I have many teachers and coaches who left such a positive impact in my life and a love in my heart for learning. I wanted to become a teacher to inspire others in the same way they inspired me. I continue teaching year after year because, next to being a mother, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the excitement on the face of a child who just learned what they are capable of. 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/802/Garland.jpg
Burton Christie Burton, Christie Teacher 2nd Sherwood Elementary My name is Christy Burton and I am so happy to be working at Sherwood Elementary! I've taught over 10 years and I love it! When I am not at school, I am with my wonderful family riding bikes and spending time together. Last summer, added a puppy named Lucy to our family! 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/40/Burtonfamily.jpg
Matson Anne Matson, Anne Teacher 2nd Sherwood Elementary My name is Mrs. Anne Matson and I teach 2nd grade at Sherwood. I received my undergrad from MSU and my masters at Drury University. I've taught 4th grade, 1st grade, and preschool. I've been married for eighteen years and have two children. I enjoy reading, watching old movies, and vacationing at the beach. 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/40/Matson .jpg
Rust Kylie Rust, Kylie Teacher 2nd Sherwood Elementary My name is Kylee Rust. I've taught second grade at Sherwood for several years. I graduated from the University of Missouri with my undergraduate degree and graduated from Missouri State University with my master's degree. In my free time I enjoy reading, cooking, doing crafts, and spending time with my family and my dog. I have enjoyed working at Sherwood and look forward to another year filled with learning and laughter! 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/40/rust.jpg
Oligschlaeger Sam Oligschlaeger, Sam Teacher 3rd Sherwood Elementary Hello, my name is Sam Oligschlaeger and I am really excited to be joining the Sherwood team as the new 3rd grade teacher! A few things to help you get to know me: I was born and raised in Eureka, Missouri which is just outside of St Louis. I attended Missouri State University and have lived in Springfield for the past 5 years. I love sports, as shown in the picture above when I visited FC Barcelona’s stadium. And some of you may have seen me around since I worked at the boys and girls club at Sh 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/802/Sam.jpg
Cartwright Lacy Cartwright, Lacy Teacher 3rd Sherwood Elementary My name is Lacy Cartwright. I'm from Springfield, and moved to the country just outside of Willard a few years ago. My husband, Robby, and I have a daughter, Jamie and I have two stepsons, Matt and Andi. We are the proud grandparents to three grandchildren, Tanner, Alli and Peyton. When I am not at school, I am spending time with my family, my animals, swimming, and building miniature dollhouses with electricity. I collect anything and everything "Turtle"! 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/40/Cartwright Family.jpg
Garner Lee Amber Garner, Lee Amber Teacher 3rd Sherwood Elementary A former Sherwood Superstar! I have lived in Springfield all of my life, now with my husband and two kids. Growing up I attended Sherwood, Carver, and Parkview. I then moved onto college using my A+ Scholarship at OTC. I continued perusing my teaching career at Drury University, where I graduated with my Bachelors of Elementary Education degree in 2010. I have taught for 6 years in Springfield Public Schools. I love teaching and watching my students learn! I am excited to be a Sherwood Superstar 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/802/Garner.jpg
Rowley Emily Rowley, Emily Teacher 3rd Sherwood Elementary My name is Emily Rowley. I am a 3rd grade teacher at Sherwood. I graduated from Missouri State and am from Bolivar, MO. We have 1 dog, named Bella that we like to take on walks and spend time with outside. We like to spend our weekends exploring and traveling around the area and trying local restaurants and shops. I love being part of the Sherwood community and can’t wait to see the amazing things that we do together at our school! 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/802/EmilyRowleyFamilyPhoto.jpg
Hove Brooke Hove, Brooke Teacher 4th Sherwood Elementary Hello, Sherwood!! My name is Brooke Hove. I grew up in Minnesota and graduated from Evangel University with a major in Elementary and Special Education. Besides being a teacher and loving kids, my heart is the happiest when I’m with my friends and family. Some of my favorite things include photography, being on the lake, playing games, and eating ice cream! I’m ready to bring my passion for learning to the classroom this upcoming school year. I am extremely excited to be a Sherwood Superstar! 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/802/Hove.jpg
Rounsaville Stephanie Rounsaville, Stephanie Teacher 4th Sherwood Elementary Hi, my name is Stephanie Rounsaville! I teach 4th grade at Sherwood. I attended Springfield Public Schools through grade school and graduated from Hillcrest. It was through my experience in SPS that I developed a passion for teaching. I graduated from MSU with a degree in Elementary Education 2015. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, attending church, running, yoga, reading, and watching movies. 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/40/Rounsaville.jpg
Cox Tracie Cox, Tracie Teacher 4th Sherwood Elementary I am excited to be a part of the 4th grade team at Sherwood Elementary. Prior to Sherwood, I spent three years as a 6th grade teacher in Bois D'Arc, Missouri. When not in the classroom, I can be found with my husband, Greg, cheering on my youngest daughter, Melanie, at volleyball games, and my older daughter, Sarah, at swim meets. Both girls are students at Kickapoo High School. I also have a son, Jonathan, who is a student at Missouri State University. 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/40/cox.jpg
Mercado Caitlyn Mercado, Caitlyn Teacher 4th Sherwood Elementary Caitlyn Mercado is in her 9th year of education, first year at Sherwood. She holds a B.S. in Elementary Education, a M.S. in Literacy, and her Specialist's in Educational Leadership. She is married to her husband, Noel, and they have 2 children, Noelle and Creek. In her free time, Caitlyn loves to read, spend time with her family and friends, make shirts, and be outdoors. 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/802/Mercado.jpg
Weaver Elizabeth Weaver, Elizabeth Teacher 5th Sherwood Elementary I am Elizabeth Weaver and I love teaching fifth grade. I am always amazed by the growth first graders make. I have served in several leadership positions in the district and continue to be a part of district teams. I have been married for 26 years and have two daughters and a new son-in-law. 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/40/Weaver family.jpg
Benton Alex Benton, Alex Teacher 5th Sherwood Elementary My name is Alex Benton, and I'm happy to be here at Sherwood for another year! I graduated in May of 2018 with my Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. I am currently getting my Master's degree in English Language Learning. Some of my hobbies include reading, baking, practicing yoga, and making art! I teach because I believe in giving our future generation hope. I want students to know that they have an opportunity to learn, feel inspired, and have a voice in our society. 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/802/Benton.jpg
Osborn Carla Osborn, Carla Teacher 5th Sherwood Elementary I look forward to teaching at Sherwood Elementary every day! I continued my education by earning a Master's Degree in Elementary Administration. I have a son and a daughter who both attend MSU. We enjoy going to the movies or just "hanging out" at home. I love Italian food, movies, reading, playing golf, traveling, and spending time with my friends and family. I am very proud to be working in such a great community. 417-523-3800 cosborn@spsmail.og /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/40/Osborn.jpg
Snelson Laura Snelson, Laura Specialty Reading Specialist Sherwood Elementary My name is Laura Snelson. I was born and raised in Springfield, MO and am a Glendale High School graduate. I went on to Missouri State University where I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education. As a teacher, I spent my first five years teaching kindergarten at Weaver Elementary before moving to Sequiota Elementary and now at Sherwood Elementary. 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/802/Snelson.jpg
Wolfe Holly Wolfe, Holly Specialty Art Sherwood Elementary My name is Holly Wolfe. I have been married since 1995 to Tim Wolfe. We have three children: Carlee, Peyton and Jaxson. I graduated from Drury University in 1997 with a bachelor's in Art with an emphasis on graphic design. I have worked in the graphics field at both Bass Pro and Noble and Associates. I return to school in 2007 to pursue my master's, which I acquired in 2010. I taught at Pleasant Hope Schools for 8 years as the art teacher to grades kindergarten through 8th. 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/40/Wolfe.jpg
Davis Amy Davis, Amy Specialty Building Paraprofessional Sherwood Elementary 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/802/Amy.jpg
Groves Josie Groves, Josie Specialty Building Paraprofessional Sherwood Elementary Hello, all! My name is Josie Groves. I grew up in Minneapolis and just graduated from Evangel University with a double major in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education. I am an extrovert who values honest and up-front communication and strives to be authentic in all that I do. I am ready to help out wherever necessary, and I would love to get to know as many of you as I can. I am very excited to join your team at Sherwood! 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/802/Josie.jpeg
Knight Amber Knight, Amber Counselor .Administration Sherwood Elementary My name is Amber Knight and I am so excited to rejoin teachers and staff at Sherwood Elementary. I love being a counselor and watching students grow and learn and look forward to continue to build relationships with you and your child this year. My husband and I have two beautiful young girls, and as you can imagine, our life is never boring! :) 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/40/Knight Family.jpg
Shindele Denae Shindele, Denae Counselor .Administration Sherwood Elementary My name is Mrs. Schindele and I am the part time school counselor at Sherwood and Jeffries. I have two children, Carson is 17 and my daughter Carli is 13. I love my work as a school counselor, even though I am only here one day a week, everyone is great to work with! I look forward to another fun school year. 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/40/danae.jpg
Sukany Lindsey Sukany, Lindsey Specialty English Language Learning Sherwood Elementary Lindsey Sukany is the ELL Specialist at Sherwood Elementary. She graduated from Truman State University with a B.A. in Spanish in 2004 and from Missouri State University in 2008 with an M.S. in Elementary Education as well as her TESOL endorsement (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). She has taught over 12 years in Springfield Public Schools. She lives with her husband and 2 children in Springfield. 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/40/Sukanyfamily2018.jpg
, Specialty Instructional Technologist Sherwood Elementary 417-523-3800
Talburt Jenny Talburt, Jenny Specialty Learning Specialist Sherwood Elementary Dr. Jenny Talburt currently serves as a Learning Specialist in Springfield Public Schools, supporting early career teachers and site and district professional learning. Prior to that role, she spent fifteen years as a regular classroom teacher and reading specialist, teaching in both elementary and middle school settings. She earned a M.Ed. in Special Reading from Drury University in 2008 and an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership in Curriculum and Instruction from Evangel University in 2020, wher 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/802/Jenny headshot.jpg
Garrett Lara Garrett, Lara Specialty Library Sherwood Elementary I began my career in education at McGregor Elementary in 2004. I've taught 3rd - 5th grades as a classroom teacher for 11 years, then moved into the library position at Sherwood in the fall of 2015. I am thrilled to be a member of the Sherwood team! I graduated from Drury University with a degree in Elementary Education and Political Science. In May of 2012 I completed my Masters Degree in Instructional Technology, also from Drury. My personal interests include reading, running, hiking and campi 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/802/Garrett.jpeg
Bunn Vicky Bunn, Vicky Specialty Music Sherwood Elementary My name is Vicki Bunn and I am very excited to teach music at Sherwood Elementary! In 2016, my family and I moved back home to the Midwest after living in the Fort Worth, Texas area for 17 years. My education includes a Bachelors degree in music from Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, MO and a Masters degree in music from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX. My family includes my husband, Matthew, and our 3 boys, Andrew, Toby, and Logan. 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/40/Bunn Family 2018.jpg
Pierce Kari Pierce, Kari Specialty P.E. Sherwood Elementary This year starts my 20th year in teaching and my first year at Sherwood. My family loves to travel, spend time outdoors and play sports! I love to show students how being physically active can improve their quality of life as well as help them excel in academics! My favorite hobbies are watching/playing sports, running, and spending time with friends and family. 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/802/Pierce.jpg
Hopkins Robin Hopkins, Robin Specialty Parent Educator Sherwood Elementary 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/802/Hopkins.jpg
Stephenson Marissa Stephenson, Marissa Specialty Special Education Sherwood Elementary I am new to Springfield, but have lived Missouri my entire life. This is my 7th year teaching. I have worked in Special Education and also Elementary Reading and ELA. I love being a teacher! In my free time, I love spending time with my big family, or having craft time, and I love to cook! 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/802/stephenson.jpg
Faucher Liz Faucher, Liz Specialty Special Education Sherwood Elementary This year I kicked off my 6th year of teaching with a move to Sherwood Elementary! I have spent the last 5 years teaching in a high school Functional Skills classroom, and 2 elementary Special Education classrooms. I graduated with my Bachelors Degree in Special Education in 2015, and my Masters Degree in Special Education, with an emphasis in Autism Spectrum Disorders in 2017. My husband, James, is also a Special Education teacher in the district. We have one beautiful daughter, Bella. 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/802/Faucher.jpg
Weems Barbara Weems, Barbara Specialty Special Education Paraprofessional Sherwood Elementary I am starting my 11th year working for SPS. I have worked with the Visually Impaired, Hearing Impaired, Functional Skills, Behavior Disorder, Early Childhood, and now Cross Cat. I have enjoyed all aspects of this job! Being a positive role model for children is my goal! I have 3 amazing children of my own. My son Brady is a Business Major. My daughter Bailey is attending SBU on a track scholarship for Athletic Training/Physical Therapy! Last but not least is my daughter Summer. 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/802/Weems.jpg
Stewart Keera Stewart, Keera Specialty Special Education Paraprofessional Sherwood Elementary I am originally from Washinton State. I love all things mountains and lakes. I grew up over seas in China. I can speak Mandarin and some French. I enjoy spending time with my friends or being home on the couch watching Netflix with my dog. I would love to travel all over the world. 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/802/Keera.jpg
Heslin Jennifer Heslin, Jennifer Specialty Speech Language Sherwood Elementary My name is Jennifer Heslin. I am the Speech-Language Pathologist at Sherwood Elementary. I am originally from South Bend, Indiana. My family and I moved to Springfield in 2002. I am married and have 3 children. I enjoy cooking. I inherited that passion from my mother. I like to collect cookbooks and try new recipes. I work at Sherwood 3 days a week. Typically I am here on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I also work with students at Cherokee Middle School. I have been working for Springfield Pu 417-523-3800 /cms/lib/MO01909182/Centricity/Domain/40/Heslinfamily.jpg

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