Help Cowden with State Funding

     There has been a misunderstanding this school year concerning the free/reduced lunch meal status.  Although all students at this time are being supplied with free meals, the state of Missouri is still needing the applications filled out and submitted to fulfill Cowden's fund for next year.  This will result in reduced - if any - field trips or any other programs such as STEAM, Math and Reading events, and all Parent events offered at Cowden.  Even if you think you will not qualify, please complete the application to give Cowden credit in this area.  The deadline for these to be completed is January 24, 2021.

    For every student that turns in the free and reduced lunch application and qualifies, the school receives federal funds that benefit the student and teachers at the school.  

  1. These funds provide additional teachers and staff for the school which means more services for students, especially students that are struggling in reading and/or math. 
  2. These funds also are used for materials and supplies for students and teachers.  These are valuable resources that teachers can us to help improve instruction and improve student achievement. 
  3. Funding is also used by schools to provide additional professional learning for staff which will also help improve instruction and increase student achievement. 

     If free and reduced forms are not turned in, it would result in a reduction of the schools federal funding, which would mean less staff, materials and supplies, and professional learning. 

Here is the online link to apply:


An awards party will be held for those students whose parents complete the application.