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Questions about your student's fines/fees?

Parents, please know that we understand times are tough right now. School doors being closed make it extremely difficult to take care of business as well. If you have questions about your child’s fees please feel free to email the finance secretary and she will get back with you about any questions you may have. Students can access their fine/fee balances when they log into their e-school accounts, parents can also see these charges if you have set up the parent portal account.

Keep in mind that fees can be paid over the phone using a credit or debit card pay as little or as much as you wish.

Lunch fees can actually be paid on the school webpage. Go to the “Parents” tab then to “Food/Meals” look under helpful links and you will see Meal Payment/Pricing.

We will be in touch as information and payment options change.


Latricia Wilkerson

Parkview High School Finance Office.