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Congratulations PHS DECA

1st Place:

Easton Johnson, Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling

Elizabeth Mathieson, Integrated Marketing Campaign Event

Andre Swai, Professional Selling

Georgia Phillips, Retail Merchandising Series


2nd Place:

Josie Macchi, Food Marketing Series


3rd Place:

Marra Holt, Apparel and Accessories Marketing

Chance Terrill, Business Services Marketing

Devon Rathbun & David Zhogan, Marketing Management Team Decision Making

Patience Arnall, Quick Serve Restaurant Management

Christina Carlson & Audrey Duscherer, Travel and Tourism Team Decision Making


4th Place:

Elizabeth Presley, Human Resources Management


5th Place:

Logan Prust, Automotive Services Marketing

CJ Stiles, Food Marketing Series

Juliana Shortt, Marketing Communication Series

Carson Eddy, Quick Serve Restaurant Management

Mary-Elizabeth Norman, Restaurant and Food Service Management