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SPS At Home Hero: Secretary Stacy Huett makes face coverings for IT technicians

Stacy Huett

For one day a week, Watkins Elementary School secretary Stacy Huett works from her office at the northside school. She supports Janine Forrester, the school’s principal, and all staff coming in and out of the building. She’s there to help. 

So when Watkins’ IT technician Jeff Braddock stopped by to drop off devices ready to deploy, she found out a way she could help.

“Jeff has been our IT guy for ages,” said Huett. “Janine and I looked all around the school and gathered up Clorox wipes and sanitizer. Then I got an idea.” 

Huett has sewn for years, and in the days prior, she had found a pattern and sewn five face coverings for her neighbor. She had fabric, a machine and a few hours, so she got to work.

She made 15 face coverings, enough for the entire team of IT technicians out in the field serving schools.  

IT administrative assistant Amanda George received the face coverings and distributed them to the grateful techs. Made of fabric and durable, the face coverings can be worn and washed multiple times, says George.

“It made a big difference in our department,” said George.

George was so inspired by Huett’s gesture, she was compelled to act. George copied Huett’s pattern for face coverings and has since made dozens for friends, family members and other SPS team members.

Right now, helping others stay healthy is heroic work.

 “I did it because it was the right thing to do,” said Huett. “I want our IT team members to know that we appreciate them so much for keeping our online school going and to keep our families engaged, with us, even when we can’t be at school together.”