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Renovated Sunshine Elementary opens its doors to students and teachers Monday

Sunshine Elementary opens Monday, but drop off will not be like it was.

The intersection of Sunshine and Jefferson gets incredibly busy so the school has worked to come up with the best system for dropping off students. Instead of dropping off students in the front of the building, they are being asked to go around to the back.

Parents will pull into the parking lot on the west side of Jefferson. Pull up to the yellow curb and someone will greet your child. They will head through the blue door in the back right into the gym. Drop off can begin at 7:45 a.m.

Once your child enters the gym they will find their classroom and sit down. This is where they will do the Pledge of Allegiance and get their announcements for the day.

“Drop off and pick-up does look very different but a huge key component is we will not have any queuing problems on Jefferson and Sunshine anymore," said principal Tracy Daniels. "This renovation eliminates that issue. With that being said it is a little bit interesting.”

The neighborhood and those who use this as part of their morning commute will be happy with those changes too.

This project was originally set to be completed by the beginning of the school year but got pushed back a month due to delays on supplies because of COVID-19.

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