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CHS students win at virtual Ozarks Science and Engineering Fair

Like many events this spring, the 2020 Ozarks Science and Engineering Fair was transitioned to a virtual experience for students. Judges from across the country participated in the 60th Annual Ozarks Science and Engineering Fair.

And SPS students won big.

"While southwest Missouri had about 50 percent of entrants actually present their research, SPS students from Scholars, Central and Phelps had 96 percent of entrants present their research," said A.J. Gegg, science teacher at Pershing. "I'm so proud of our students."

SPS Science Fair Winners

Senior Division


           2nd place:  Liz Cardoza

American Chemical Society-Ozarks Chapter

            Liz Cardoza


Junior Division Placement Award Winners


Behavioral and Social Sciences

            1st place: Sylvie Hudson

3rd place: Isaiah Hampton



            1st place: Aurora Overbey

            2nd place: Madison Gong

            3rd place: Grace Meyer

            Honorable Mention: Jayden Griffee



            2nd place: Sophy Wickham-Zhou

            3rd place: Amore Pennella

Honorable Mention: Alex Trieu


Earth and Space Science

            1st place: Logan Canada



            2nd place: Claire Szura

            3rd place (tie): Torsten Taylor

            3rd place (tie): Kael Hitchcock


Environmental Science

            1st place Trisha Tewari


Medicine and Health

            3rd place: Azia May Matthews



            2nd place: Ugurcan Buyurgan

3rd place: Xuan Huang



            2nd place: Lily Bartlett

            3rd place: Verity Summers Spell and Aleyse Goodfriend

Honorable Mention: Susie Espinosa


Junior Division Special Awards


American Chemical Society-Ozarks Chapter

            Sophy Wickham-Zhou


Broadcom MASTERS Advancement to National Competition

            Logan Canada

            Sylvie Hudson

            Aurora Overbey

            Trisha Tewari


City of Springfield Solid Waste Management

            Trisha Tewari


Missouri Department of Conservation Award

            Luke Hammock


Stan Howell Memorial Botany Award

            Aurora Overbey


Lemelson Early Inventor Prize

            Kael Hitchcock


Lisa Reece Memorial Award

            Isaiah Hampton


Lou and Nadine Moore Memorial Award

            August Kleiboeker

            Kaden Creed


NASA Earth System Award

Logan Canada


Schneider Foundation Award

            Aurora Overbey

            Trisha Tewari


U.S. Office of Naval Research Award

Sylvie Hudson

Aurora Overbey

Trisha Tewari


U.S. Metric Association Award

            Alex Trieu

Women in Science Award

            Sophy Wickham-Zhou