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Results from the Pummill Math Relays

There were 39 schools represented and almost 1,000 students present at the 2019 Pummill Math Relays held at Missouri State University on April 10. Here are the results of the relays:

Team Events:

Algebra 2 Team: 2nd place in 4A and 3rd place overall -- Raghav Bansal, Max Depperschmidt, Giacomo Pannella and Lucy Vanover

4th Year Math Team:  1st place in 4A and 1st overall -- Michael Lee, Colin Stenger, Dylan Fowler and Rohan Bansal

Challenging Problems: 1st place to Central High School

MathMania: 2nd place to Central High School

Individual Events:  (Out of about 80 students – 2 from each school)

Algebra Open: 1st: Will Young and 5th: Malia Morgan

Geometry Open: 1st: Rohan Banasl and 2nd: Sam Garvin

Probability & Stats: 1st: Andrew Eisenhour and 2nd: Naseem Saquer

Mathematical Reasoning: 3rd: Katie Lu

Geometry Restricted:  5th: Elana Hadi and 3rd: Giacomo Pannella

Algebra 2 Restricted:  1st: Raghav Bansal and 3rd: Saahil Verma

4th year Restricted: 1st: Jacob Sharp