• *** STOP ***

    Is this an EMERGENCY?  Are you feeling SUICIDAL?

    If it is after school hours or the weekend and you need IMMEDIATE help - STOP and call 911 or one of the Suicide Hotline numbers below.



    If this is NOT an emergency, and you wish to make an appointment, click on the appropriate link below to submit your request.  Your Counselor or the College Advisor will receive an email and contact you as soon as possible.

    Please allow 1-2 days before submitting a duplicate request, as we are sometimes out of the office or assisting with immediate concerns and cannot get to you as soon as we would like.  Thank you!


    Joyce Cooper : Last names A-G and L-N Grades 10-12


    Heather Mullis- Freshman Counselor


    Jeremy Wilson- Last names O-Z and H-K Grades 10-12


    Kelly Teague: All Launch Only Students 


    Haley Swanigan, College Advisor