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Staff Honorific First Name Name Title Department Address Bio Phone Fax Email Photo
Ash Becky Ash, Becky Principal 523-6000 Ash.png
Acklin Kristin Acklin, Kristin PLTW Teacher CTE Department Head
Cunningham Thomas Cunningham, Thomas 6th grade Math
Christman Jason Christman, Jason 6th grade Science Pirate Time
Rogers Susan Rogers, Susan 6th grade ELA ELA Department Head
Armstrong Julia Armstrong, Julia 6th grade ISD Pirate Time
Phiney Andrew Phiney, Andrew 6th grade ELA
Draper Scott Draper, Scott 6th grade ISD Pirate Time ISD Department Head
Bauer Christa Bauer, Christa 6th grade Math 6th Grade Team Leader
Bryant Jennifer Bryant, Jennifer 7th grade ELA
Williams Kent Williams, Kent 7th grade Science 7th Grade Team Leader
Conness Gayla Conness, Gayla 7th grade Science
Eckstein Dawn Eckstein, Dawn 7th grade Math Math Department Head
Lange Shelly Lange, Shelly 7th grade ELA
Constantine Billy Constantine, Billy 7th grade ISD
Bradshaw Britia Bradshaw, Britia 8th grade Math White Team
Blaue Sara Blaue, Sara 6th grade Science
Weinreis Julie Weinreis, Julie 8th grade ELA White Team
Fine' Deb Fine', Deb 8th grade ISD White Team
Johnson Julie Johnson, Julie 8th grade ELA Blue Team 8th Grade Team Leader
Little Malinda Little, Malinda 8th grade Sciene Blue Team Science Department Head
Burton Brent Burton, Brent 8th grade Math Blue Team
Haynes Jean Haynes, Jean 8th grade ISD Blue Team
Morehead Kristopher Morehead, Kristopher 6-8 French
Desauguste Emily Desauguste, Emily 6-8 Spanish
Gomez Vicki Gomez, Vicki 6-8 Spanish
Luxton Judy Luxton, Judy 6-8 Music/Choir/Theater/Debate
Peterson Juana Peterson, Juana 6-8 Band and Orchestra Relatd Arts Team Leader
Carlton James Carlton, James 6-8 Art
Burnett Doug Burnett, Doug 6-8 PE and Health Athletic Director
Taylor Shelly Taylor, Shelly 6-8 PE and Health
Bettlach Jordan Bettlach, Jordan 6-8 FACs/Project Lead the Way
Carr Carol Carr, Carol Title Math Specialist
Hilton Robin Hilton, Robin Title Reading Specialist
Lynch Tiffany Lynch, Tiffany Functional Skills Special Education
Coatney Julie Coatney, Julie CSS District Program Special Education
Garrison Jennifer Garrison, Jennifer Cross Cat Special Education
Malone Regina Malone, Regina Cross Cat Special Education
Macy Laurie Macy, Laurie Cross Cat Special Education
Skodack Julie Skodack, Julie Burrell Clinican
Counts Krysta Counts, Krysta Social Worker
Juarez Tonya Juarez, Tonya Caf� Supervisor
Caudle Connie Caudle, Connie Nurse
Marler Ed Marler, Ed ISS Supervisor
Cox Linda Cox, Linda Counselor 523-6160
Seaman Josh Seaman, Josh Counselor 523-6161
Wilkins Christina Wilkins, Christina Library/Media Specialist 523-6140
Barker Carla Barker, Carla CSI
Bonnard-Head Karla Bonnard-Head, Karla Paraprofessional
Gallamore Lance Gallamore, Lance Assistant Principal 523-6103
Lambeth Debbie Lambeth, Debbie Literacy Coach
Troutman Elizabeth Troutman, Elizabeth IB MYP Coordinaator/Title 1 Learning Coach
Maxwell Carol Maxwell, Carol Attendance Secretary 523-6103
Mills Nancy Mills, Nancy Administrative Assistant to the Principal 523-6000
Brazeal Kass Brazeal, Kass School Resource Officer
Spivy Christa Spivy, Christa 8th Grade Science White Team
Chamberlain Christine Chamberlain, Christine Special Education Process Coordinator
Fink Amy Fink, Amy Paraprofessional
Halcomb Emily Halcomb, Emily 7th grade ISD
Burch Caitlin Burch, Caitlin Speech and Language Pathologist
Stout Constance Stout, Constance Head Custodian
Cook Zach Cook, Zach Custodian