Clubs/Academic Teams

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Academic Teams

  • Battle of the Books - 
      Ms. Cox

      Ms. Putman

    Math Counts - 
      Ms. Grindstaff

    Science Olympiad - 
      Mr. Knopf

Fine Arts Clubs/Groups

  • Art Club - 
      Ms. Menchetti

    Girls' Choir - 
      Ms. Grant

    Jazz Band - 
      Ms. Sauer

    String Sensations - 
      Ms. Johnston

Citizenship Clubs

  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes - 
      Mr. Peak

    National Junior Honor Society - 
      Mr. Gegg

Special Interest Clubs

  • Coding Club - 
     Ms. Cox

    Spanish Club - 
      Ms. Taylor

    Yearbook Committee - 
      Ms. Menchetti