Athletics Information

  • The Board of Education believes that student activities sponsored by the district are a vital part of the total educational program and should be used as a means of developing social interactions, as well as knowledge and skills for students enrolled in the district. Additionally, the Board of Education believes that individual students should have opportunities to grow physically and intellectually through experience in self-discipline and contribution to a team effort made possible through competitive athletics. An athletic program shall be conducted in the district to further the development of students as competitors and spectators through friendly interschool and intraschool contests. The purpose of the program is to develop leadership, good sportsmanship and new friendships while encouraging regular school attendance, academic achievement and engagement in the school community.


  • Sport Coach Email Practice Schedule Game Schedule
    Archery Peak    
    7th Grade Boys Basketball Murphy    
    8th Grade Boys Basketball Ash    
    7th Grade Girls Basketball Ash    
    8th Grade Girls Basketball Holmes    
    Cheerleading/Pep Club Thomas    
    Cross Country Chadwell August Calendar  XC Meet Schedule
          September Calendar  
          October Calendar  
    8th Grade Football Murphy Practice Schedule Football Schedule
    7th Grade Football Tillman    
    Soccer Josh Hertel 417-234-5723  
    Soccer Ben Moran 417-619-9599  
    Track & Field Peak/Perry    
    7th Grade Girls Volleyball Jones  Practice Schedule  Volleyball Schedule
    8th Grade Girls Volleyball Campbell  Practice Schedule  Volleyball Schedule
    Wrestling  Tillman  Practice Schedule  


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