• Last year more than 50 SPS partners worked to equipping over 6,800 under-resourced students across the district with specific, high quality school supplies. Collectively we were able to resolve some issues we'd been hearing about for those on the front line, our teachers:

    • one size doesnt't fit all schools
    • gaps still exist, and many teachers continue to purchase school supplies with their own funds (research shows they spend $600 annually!)
    • sometimes the supplies don't make it to school or get lost when a child moves and begins attending a different school
    • in an effort to be helpful, the wrong supplies are purchased (I'll raise my hand here because if the list says 24 crayons, wouldn't 64 be better??)

    Although school is not yet out, teams are coming together to gear up and improve our process for next year.  Once again, community and faith-based groups can select how they'd like to participate.  They can support a school, donate supplies or resources or volunteer to pack and deliver.

    We're also offering specific sponsorship opportunities for businesses:

    level of donation

    Contact Lisa Searles (417-523-0315 or lrsearles@spsmail.org) for more information or to learn how you can get involved to support our students for success in 2019!

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