Playground Equipment/Site Furnishings

  • To order equipment:

    • Complete a Playground Equipment Request
    • Submit the request to Grounds Department
      • The Grounds Department will ensure compliance with Federal, State, and Local guidelines
      • Approval from the Grounds Department is required prior to ordering equipment
    • Upon approval, an official district purchase order will be issued by the Purchasing Department
    • Installation and mulch are the responsibility of the site. Be sure to include these costs into your playground equipment budget.
  • Athco LLC. 13500 W. 108th Street Lenexa, KS 66215

    Phone (913) 469-5600 Fax (913) 469-8134

    Contact: Jason Cates

     Delivery: 21-28 days ARO

    Shipping Charges: None

    Installation: 35% for modular equipment. .

    Fall Zone material: $16.80 per cubic yard

    Athco Pricing (National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance Cooperative (NCPA))

    Landscape Structures

    up to 30% discount

    Play Sense

    up to 10% discount 

    Play Booster / Play Shaper

    up to 30% discount

    Landscape Brands

    up to 10% discount


    up to 30% discount


    Cunningham & Associates, Inc. PO Box 240981 Charlotte, NC 28224

    Phone (800) 438-2780, ext. 156

    Fax (704) 525-7356

    Contact: Rodney Born

    Delivery: 30 - 45 days ARO

    Shipping Charges: 7% of list price

    Installation: 35% of cost after discount of equipment; $1000 minimum

    Fall Zone material: $24.12 per cubic yard based on 100 cubic yards shipped to one location

    Cunningham & Associates (US Communities Cooperative)

    Game Time

    Up to 24% discount


    Custom Play Systems 320 Winnebago Drive, Lake Winnebago, MO 64034

    Phone (888) 371-7529 Fax (816) 795-7795 

    Contact: Bill Wickham

    Minimum Order: $10k for Miracle only

    Delivery: 30 days ARO

    Shipping Charges: 3%

    Installation: 27% of list price

    Fall Zone material: $20.00 per cubic yard; full truck load minimum

    Custom Play Systems (The National Joint Powers Alliance Cooperative (NJPA))

    Miracle Systems

    40% discount


    15% discount


    15% discount

    Sii Shade Structures

    15% discount


    Fry & Associates, Inc 101 E. 15th Avenue North Kansas City, MO 64116

    Phone (800) 444-9787Fax (816) 221-4831

    Contact: William Fry

    Minimum Order: None

    Delivery: 35-40 days ARO

    Shipping Charges: 10% of list price ($150 minimum)

    Installation: 40% of cost after discount of equipment; $1800 minimum

    Fall Zone material: $24.00 per cubic yard; 90 cubic yard minimum

    Fry & Associates (The National Joint Powers Alliance Cooperative  (NJPA))

    Playworld Systems/Play Designs

    20% discount off of catalogs price

    40% discount off of custom designs

    Wabash Valley

    10% discount

    Pilot Rock

    10% discount

    Bison Athletic Equipment

    25% discount


    Mid West Mulch 10600 E. 350 Hwy Raytown, MO 64138

    Phone (816) 358-1001 Fax (816) 353-8597 

    Contact: Rex Phillips

    Minimum Order: None


    Shipping Charges: None

    Installation: N/A

    Safety surface, engineered wood fiber for playground, must meet ASTM standards and all federal/state/local regulations: $15.75 per cubic yard; full truck load minimum


    Play & Park Structures Contact: Steve Casada
    303 Bass St. Park Hills, Mo 63601 Delivery:  4 to 5 Weeks ARO
    Ph# 573-631-1968 Freight: 6% of List Price Installation: 27% of List Price, $1,500 min.
    Custom Playground Equipment - Coop Pricing Contract: NationalIPA #R5203
    Product Line Discount %
    Play & Park Catalog Systems: 40%
    Play & Park Custom Systems 40%
    Freestanding Events: 30%
    Shade: 6%
    Play and Park Swings: 8%
    Border Timbers: 8%
    Fall Zone Material: $24.15 per cubic yard; based on 100 cubic yards shipped to one location