End-of-Course Assessment (EOC)

  • SPS Spring 2023 Testing Window: April 24 - May 12

    The Missouri Assessment Program assesses students’ progress toward mastery of the Missouri Learning Standards, which are the content standards for public schools in Missouri. Springfield Public Schools will administer the following End-of-Course assessments: 

    • Algebra I
    • Algebra II (only administered to students who took Algebra I prior to 9th grade)
    • Biology I
    • English II
    • Government

    End-of-Course assessments are taken when a student has received instruction on the course-level expectations for an assessment, regardless of grade level. The results will be used to meet state and federal accountability requirements. Three scheduled testing periods are planned each year – winter, spring and summer.

    The Missouri EOC Question Sampler is available for students to become familiar with the test format, the question types, and the tools they will use during testing. Please note, Google Chrome is the required web browser. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who takes the EOC Assessments?

    Missouri does not have an opt-out option for any state required assessments. A few groups of students may be exempt from certain End-of-Course assessments. These include, but are not limited to:

    • Students whose IEP teams have determined that the MAP-A is the appropriate assessment do not have to take End-of-Course assessments.
    • English Language Learners (ELL) who have been in the United States 12 months or fewer at the time of administration may be exempted from taking the English II and/or English I assessments.
    • Foreign exchange students are allowed, but are not required to take the assessments. This is a district decision.
    • Homeschooled students may take part in the assessment at the local district's discretion.
    • Private school students are not required to take the End-of-Course assessments.


    What kinds of questions are on the test?

    • For all End-of-Course assessments, all questions are comprised of multiple choice items. These items are composed of selected response questions developed specifically for Missouri. A performance event session is given in Algebra I, Biology I and English II.


    Are the EOC Assessments available in languages other than English?

    • No. All Missouri End-of-Course assessments are available only in English.


Classes with EOC Assessments

    • English II & English II Honors
    • Liberty and Law, Liberty and Law Honors, & AP US Government
    • Intro to Biology
    • Biology & Biology Honors
    • Algebra I & Accelerated Algebra I
    • Algebra II & Algebra II Honors