Workers Compensation

  • Heather Ulrich is the primary contact for matters related to workers compensation.

    • Initial reporting
    • Physician communications
    • Light duty accommodations

    Workers Compensation Forms

    The following forms are available for SPS employees. Log into your SPS Google account for access and then download the form to your computer.

    ***If you cannot view these documents***
    Log out of ALL Google accounts and sign back in using only your SPS Google account login.

    Information for Injured Workers
    SPS Workers compensation program. What are my responsibilities as an injured worker? What happens if I'm temporarily unable to work?

    Workers Compensation Reporting Procedure
    The District's reporting procedures.

    Employee Incident Report
    Immediately after an incident occurs, employee should complete an Employee Incident Report and fax the completed form to the Risk Management office.

    Witness Statement
    A Witness Statement should be completed by all witnesses of an incident.

    Supervisor Incident Report
    To be completed by the injured employee's direct supervisor.

    Urgent Care/Emergency Care Locations
    Supervisors, in the event of an injury that occurs during non-business hours, should direct an employee to one of the listed locations. 


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