•  Leadership 401 Capstone Projects

    Isabel Bartkowiak

    Isabel Bartkowiak: A Special Home Run -- Isabel worked with the functional skills students at Parkview High School to host a softball game during Endeavor; she wanted these students to feel accepted at Parkview.


    Eva Bolt-Ezell: Art for Elementary Students -- Eva worked with elementary students at Westport’s after school program. She designed and taught art lessons for 6 weeks during the fall semester.


    Delaney Cannon: Help for the Homeless -- Delaney created three separate fundraisers to generate the money needed to buy supplies for the homeless. She worked with Gathering Friends for the Homeless and enlisted Parkview Leadership classes to help her distribute the purchased items


    Jade Clubb: Pumping Iron for Girls -- The goal of Jade’s project was to help girls feel confident in their own skin. She hosted a 12-week program through a local church and taught her participants that working out does not have to be a chore, it can be fun and entertaining.


    Madilyn Cobb: Elementary Cheer Night -- Madilyn worked with the Parkview High School cheerleaders to host a cheer clinic for elementary aged students. Not only did this raise money for the Parkview Cheerleading squad, the participants had fun cheering at high school football games.


    Annie Harter: Bullying: How We Can Avoid It -- Annie created an original documentary, which can be found on her website, that is rich with information regarding what bullying is and how to avoid it, In addition to that, she designed an anti bullying information packet and painted an anti bullying mural which is now displayed in the school.


    Amani Howard: Donating Dog Toys to Rescue One -- Amani helped Rescue One by creating over 50 dog toys for their shelter.  She utilized the Leadership 101 classes to help her make the toys.


    Alana Larmer: Marching Forth to Benefit The Lost and Found Grief Center -- Alana created a night of remembrance to help those who have lost a loved one.  During her project, Alana was able to raise $2014 to give to Lost and Found.


    Grant Lewis: The Five Reasons to Recycle -- Grant’s project focused on developing  the top five reasons people should recycle more and waste less. He created and presented posters promoting recycling to several Endeavor classes at Parkview.


    Andrew Maxfield: Promoting Literacy through a Library Scavenger Hunt -- Andrew created a library scavenger hunt to get students excited about reading.


    Brooke McIntosh: Kindergarten Readiness -- Brooke worked with Portland Elementary students to help them advance in reading and math.  She created lessons for the students and spent many hours tutoring them.


    McKayla Oesterreich: Parkview Cares about Parks - McKayla worked with the Greene County Park Board to facilitate the painting of two bridges near Parkview High School.  This was done during our annual Parkview Cares day.


    Alyson Revie:  Carnival for Functional Skills Students at Parkview -- Alyson spent time with the functional skills students at Parkview to determine their likes and dislikes. She then set up carnival games and facilitated an event for the students to play and have fun.  


     Gage Skidmore: The Barkery -- Gage helped the PHS Barkery market and sell their dog treats.


    Vivian York: Partnerships in Music -- Vivian is passionate about band and keeping middle school students interested in joining Parkview’s band as freshmen. She set up a day where middle school band students came to Parkview and performed with the high school band.  She raised the money to pay for the bus that transported the middle school students to Parkview.