Departments / Teams



6th Grade

8th Grade

  • Waya <- click for HW/Classwork



    Arrowhead <-click for HW/Classwork



    Wagoosh <- click for HW/Classwork


7th Grade

  • Raven <--click for HW/classwork



    Panther <--click for HW/classwork




    Endeavor <-click for HW/classwork




    Electives / PE and Specialty

    Jessica Bengsch
    Library Media Center
    Jamie Buerger Art
    Chris Mostyn Art
    Emily Desauguste Spanish/Reading
    Scott Moulder Project Lead the Way
    Laura Pendergrass FACS
    Dantwan Chillers PE/Health
    Kindal Plank PE
    Jeremy Rios PE
    Kevin Ross PE
    Tara Scott PE/Health/Outdoor Awareness
    Jennifer Heslin Speech and Language
    Courtney Creed
    Special Education
    Jacquelyn Englind Special Education 
    Jamie Harp Special Education
    Brian Roe Special Education
    Brian Spencer Special Education
    Juliana Georgiades Orchestra
    Brandi Hallford Choir/Vocal Music
    Aaron Thomas Instrumental Music
    Jim Zinecker Instrumental Music